A binder is a folder that groups objects of different types (documents, messages, events,..) and different locations on the project.

The objects that are shown in the binder are links to the actual objects that are stored somewhere else in the project.

Different ways to use a binder:

1. Group different types of objects

You can use a binder to group different kinds of objects that are spread all over the project, for example, to prepare a meeting.

2. Give a group of users access rights to a few objects

You can use a binder to give a group of users access to a few documents. If you give these users (via a roll) access to the binder, they do not need to have access to the original object in the containing folder itself.

3. Access to documents with a certain status

Administrators can edit the binder settings and define that only certain document statuses are shown in the binder.


The binder folder is set to show documents with statuses Approved and Approved with comments only. If you want documents with other statuses to be shown, you have to change it manually in the settings of the binder folder.

This way, you can give users access to a binder which contains multiple documents but only when the status of the document matches the filter of the binder, the document will appear.