If you are new to documents we advise you to take a look at Working with documents first.

Structure app

Document folders can only be viewed from within the Structure app.

The app content of a document folder shows you the basic details of the documents.


Except for the items in the document inspector and the document icon, you can sort the documents by clicking on the header.

By default, the documents are sorted by the date they were added, the newest documents appear on top.


Click one or multiple checkboxes to select documents. Once checked, certain actions in the action menu may become available, depending on the access you have.

Document icon

Click the document icon to open the document in our online viewer. If you hover over the document icon, a preview of the document will be shown.

The document name

Click the document name to open the details of the document.

Document status

By default, Bricsys 24/7 provides multiple document statuses. The administrator of the project defines these statuses to project's standards.

Note that each revision has its own status.

Document inspector

Is the document added to a binder
How many revisions were made
How many annotations were added
How many notes were added
How many workflows were attached
How many times has this document been shared
How many other documents are linked to this document

If you hover over the fields in the document inspector, more information will appear. If you click on an entry, the information will open in a new dialog.

Sometimes there is a colored line underneath the number of workflows:

  • green means that the workflow is finished
  • red means that there is a task assigned to you
  • no line means that the workflow is busy but you are not assigned to a task

Column selector

At the end of the table headers there's a "..." icon that you can use to show or hide certain columns. When working with metadata, the extra metadata columns are displayed here as well.


There are two ways to download a document:


Download the document to your local computer.

Download and lock

Download the document to your local computer and lock it to prevent it being edited and moved by other users.

Do not use this feature if you only want to download the document.


Click or drag and drop to upload a document.

  1. Fill in the status of your document
  2. Optionally add a description

If you are uploading multiple files with the same status you can click this icon to fill in all document statuses of the documents underneath.

In case the folder has metadata, more fields will appear in the upload dialog for you to fill in.

Note that when you upload a document that already exists in the folder, it will be uploaded as a revision of that document.

Upload revision

You can add a revision using this action. Select the file you want to add as a revision, either by clicking or by dragging and drop it in the upload area.


  • Change the original document name to: ... (only if you can edit the document)
  • Replace last revision (overwrite the last revision, only for administrators when the option is set)


Click the Edit action to change multiple aspects of a document:

  • Name (only when metadata is not used to generate the name)
  • Description
  • Document status
  • Metadata (if you have access)

You can edit multiple document statuses at once by selecting the document first before clicking the edit action.


Copy the document to another folder. Only the folders you can add a new document will be available in the copy document dialog.


Move the document to another folder. This option is only available if you have the right to delete the document. Only the folders you can add a new document will be available in the move document dialog.

Add to binder

You can add a document to a binder folder.

Optionally you can select a specific revision to add it in the binder. If you do not select a revision you will always see the latest version in the binder.

Print to PDF

Print the document or information about the document to a PDF-file. Specify the content of your PDF-file:

  • Document details
  • Document Content
  • Binders
  • Revisions
  • Notes
  • Notifications
  • Links
  • Shares
  • Workflows
  • Annotations


When you delete a document it will be stored in the recycle bin. Only the administrator can access the recycle bin and delete it definitively or restore it to the original document folder.

You can't delete a document and upload a document with the same name because the deleted document is stored in the recycle bin.

Attach document

Gives you the opportunity to manually upload a new document from you local machine and attach it to the document directly or link the document to another document in your project.

When linking to another document on the project the advanced options let you choose whether you want to link a specific revision to a specific revision. By default the documents are always linked to the last version of each document.

Once the document is linked you can see it in the Document inspector and in the details of the document. If it is linked to another document, you will see the link in the other document as well.

When uploading dwg files from within BricsCAD or AutoCAD with our Bricsys 24/7 connect plugin, xrefs will be linked automatically for you.

Public share

Share documents with people who aren't part of the project by creating a unique URL and send it to them. Everyone with this link can open the document in the viewer without them having to log in on the project.

You can always turn off the share by toggling the public share slider on the top right. After you turned off the sharing, the URL link will no longer work.

Watch out: If you re-share by doing the same action, another URL will be generated, different from the old UR you generated the first time.

QR Code

With this action you can generate a QR-code to view the document. The QR-code will automatically link to the correct view:

  • Document details
  • Viewing the document in the online viewer
  • Downloading the document

The user will need to log into the project and access will be checked.

Folder notification

Send a notification about the folder with a comment and select the Bricsys 24/7 users with access to the folder.

This notification is about the folder, not about a document. If you want to send a notification about a document, select send notification instead of send folder notification.

Document Details

If you click the name of the document, a window will pop up with a preview and more detailed information about the document.

The tabs on top of the dialog group the information by category.



If you click this preview the viewer will pop up (See Document Viewer).

If viewer does not open, check your browser for window blocker.

Document Details

  • Name and description of the document
  • Uploaded by
  • Date and time of upload
  • Status and size of document
  • Metadata (in case the document has metadata)

What is the location of the document in the project and to which binders this document has been added (See Binders).

Sharing information

Shows you to whom and by whom the document has been shared publicly.

Since the guest user option is no longer available, you can use the option share.

You will not be able to share an entire project. However, you can share a document or a folder.

In the Structure app, click on the arrow of the drop-down menu and select share document to give access to that document for a guest user. From the same menu, you can choose the option share folder to share a specific folder.


Gives you an overview of all the revisions that a document has. Click on a revision to open the revision details in the panel on your right.

Hover over a revision to

  • Download
  • Print to PDF
  • Delete (only if you have delete access on the document and the project administrator allowed the deletion of revisions)

Clicking on a specific revision will filter the communication and attachments in the corresponding tabs to the selected revision.


The communications panel gives you an easy overview of all the communication concerning the document. You can easily filter on the type of communication and to which revision the communication corresponds to.

Types of communications:

  • Annotations

    Always apply to a specific revision of a document. Since the annotation is made within our online document viewer.

  • Notifications

    Always apply to the document, independent which revision you're viewing

  • Notes

    Always apply to the document, independent which revision you're viewing

  • Workflow messages

    When a user executes a task and adds comments, these are stored as a workflow messages


The workflows panel shows you all active workflows first. Via the drop-down you can also view the finished and canceled workflows attached to this document.

Active workflows show the active tasks, if you have an active task, the respond button invites you to execute the task.

Finished and canceled workflows show the entire workflow history.


The attachments panel is divided into:

  • Left side: documents and forms that are part of this document

    E.g. A technical file that belongs to a drawing

  • Right side: documents that this document is part of

    E.g. This drawing (xref) is part of a master drawing