Add users and send an invitation mail

You can add users to the project:

  1. Click Administration in the toolbar.
  2. Click Users.
  3. Click Invite users.
    The Invite users - Step 1 window appears.
  4. Search for and add one or more contacts:
    • Enter the name or email address of a contact.
    • Click .

      The contact appears in the contact pane.

    • If applicable, add another contact.
  5. Enable Send invitation mail.
  6. If applicable, enter a message to be included in the invitation email.
  7. Click Next.
    The Invite users - Step 2 window appears.
  8. Select the applicable role(s) to assign to the selected users.
  9. If the project has an address book, you can:
    1. select the address book to add the user(s) to the address book.
    2. select an organization to add the user(s) to the organization.
  10. Click Add user.
Pop up windows inform you that the users are successfully added to the project, and that the invitation mail is sent.