The Administration tool allows project administrators to set up and manage the project environment. Only project administrators can see and use this tool.

The Administration tool is divided into different categories:
  • Project settings

    Enter or edit the basic information of a project, and change project settings.

  • Project setup

    View, add or edit the project structure and access rights to roles per folder.

    Synchronize to LetsBuild.

  • Users

    View, invite, or delete users and assign roles to users.

  • Roles

    View, import, copy, edit, or delete roles.

  • Relations

    Manage relations.

  • Administrators

    Specify to which sections an administrator has access.

  • App access

    Enable or disable access by third-party apps to a project, and set permissions for roles.

  • Form entries access

    View or edit the access rights to forms.

  • Audit report

    Search for all activities in a project.

  • Recycle bin

    Restore documents and folders from the recycle bin to your project, or permanently delete the items.