Create a form

  1. Click Forms in the toolbar.
  2. Select the applicable form folder in the tool menu.
  3. Click New form.
    The Form editor appears.
  4. Enter a form name at the top left corner.
    Note: The form name is a required field.
  5. In the left pane, check the available form fields.

    The form fields are the elements that contain data.

    The form fields are combined into 4 groups:
    • Text
    • Number
    • Other
    • Layout
  6. Drag and drop the form fields of your choice to the content pane.
    Once a form field is dropped, you can adjust the settings of the field. The settings correspond to the selected form field.
  7. Enter a name for all form fields and adjust the settings.
    • In a Choice form field, you can manually add options a project member can choose from. Each option consists of a value and a description. The value is required and is used if you use metadata to define the document name.
    • In a Choice form field, you can use the form value of an existing form:
      1. Click Select a form.

        The Select form fields window appears.

      2. Select the applicable form fields.
      3. Click OK.

        The selected form fields are displayed.

    • A Counter form field allows you to add a counter at the end of your document name, if you want to rename the documents based on the metadata input. The counter searches for the amount of rows that already contain the same data. If none have the same data, the number is 1. If there are already 2 rows with the same data, the number is 3. You can choose the amount of decimals that is used: 1 to 10. Selecting 4 decimals turns number "1" into "0001". An example of a document is: PL_HVAC_0001.dwg.
    • A Relation form field allows you to choose a relation folder:
      1. Click Choose relation.

        The Choose relation folder window appears.

      2. Select the applicable relation folder.
        Note: Only the root folder can be selected.
      3. Click OK.

        The form can be used for the specified relation folder in the Relations app.

        Note: You can add multiple Relation form fields to a form.
  8. If applicable, click to copy a form field, or click to delete a form field.
  9. If applicable, hover over , click, and reposition the form field.
  10. If applicable, click Preview at the top right corner.
    A preview of the form appears.

    Click Edit form to return to the Form editor.

  11. Click the ellipsis button at the top right corner.
    A context menu pops up.
  12. Click Edit permissions.
    The Set permissions window appears.
  13. Click on the different access type icons to set a specific access type.

    As an alternative, use the arrow icons to toggle between the access rights for all roles at once.

  14. Click OK.
  15. Click Save at the top right corner.
A pop up window informs you that the form is added successfully.