The Files document management tool:
  • Is the central hub of a project in Bricsys 24/7.
  • Displays your recent files.
  • Displays all project folders in a tree structure.
  • Contains one or more document folders .
  • Contains one or more binders , if set up by the project administrator.
  • Contains one or more BIM folders, if set up by the project administrator.

When a folder in the Files app has no contents, it is displayed greyed out . If a folder contains no documents, but does contain a subfolder, the folder is no longer empty.

Note: It applies to all types of folders from the Files app: Document, BIM, and Binder.

Change the view of the folders

  1. Click on the slide control icon in the tool menu.

    A context menu pops up.

  2. Choose an option:
    • Expand all folders
    • Collapse all folders
    • Hide empty folders
    • Refresh folders