Edit a role

You can edit a role:

  1. Click Administration in the toolbar.
  2. Click Roles.
  3. Select a role in the content pane.
  4. Click Edit role.
    The Edit role window appears.
  5. Edit the applicable role details:
    • Color
    • Role name
    • Assign users to the role:
      1. Search for project members.
      2. Select the applicable project members.
    • Enable or disable Use as mail list.
    • Enable or disable Can send notifications and view history.
    • Enable or disable Users have access to document revisions.
    • Enable or disable Users can change their profile.
      Note: This setting is recommended.
    • Enable or disable Access to 'Reports' app.
    • Enable or disable Can create tasks.
  6. Click Edit.
A pop up window informs you that the role is successfully updated.