Edit your profile

  1. Log into Bricsys 24/7.
  2. Click on the profile icon/picture on the right side of the project bar.
  3. Click Profile settings.
  4. Edit your profile settings:
    • Change your details:
      • profile picture
      • name
      • email address
      • language
      • address
      • contact details.
    • Change your subscriptions.
      • Subscribe to a Daily Overview.

        A daily notification email informs you about updates.

      • Subscribe to a Daily Task Overview.

        A daily notification email informs you about open tasks.

      • Enable or disable Workflow task notifications.

        A notification email informs you about workflow tasks.

      • Check the Folder subscriptions overview.
        • Navigate to the specific folder details to subscribe.
        • Folder subscriptions are only available if you are logged into a project.
    • Change personal settings.
      • Enable or disable Add revision to document name on download.
      • Choose between the old and new interface.
        Note: You must restart your project for the changes to take effect.
    • Change your password.
  5. Click Save changes.
    A pop up window informs you about the modifications.
Important: You need administrator rights to edit your profile.
Note: A project administrator can give access rights to edit a profile.