The Forms tool allows you to:
  • build a form
  • fill in a form
  • search through form entries
  • check the form history
  • filter forms on, for example, name or date with one of the filter buttons in the content pane
  • view details with the button
  • send notifications.

A form is a prestructured file that allows a user to add information in a structured way. Once a form is created, a user can fill in the form. A record will be created and saved in Bricsys 24/7.

There are 4 ways to use forms:
  • Naming conventions

    Automatically generate a name for the document based on the filled in form. This gives your documents a structured name according to the naming convention for your project.

  • Metadata

    The metadata are displayed in the form and in the document details.

  • Attachment

    You can attach a form to a document to add extra information in a structured way. If a project member fills in the form, a record will be created and attached to the document.

  • Database

    You can fill in a form to build a database in a structured way.