Link metadata to a file

Link an entry to a file

You can link an entry to a document:

  1. Click Files in the toolbar.
  2. Select the applicable folder.
  3. Select the document you want to attach metadata to.
  4. Click the ellipsis button at the top of the content pane.

    A context menu is displayed.

  5. Click the Attach > Entry button.

    The Select form entry window appears.

  6. Select the entry you want to attach.
  7. Click the Link button.
Note: Metadata can only be attached to one file at a time.
Note: You must belong to a role that has the Attach form permission in the folder you want to attach a form to a document. Otherwise, the Attach > Entry button is not available.

Viewing linked metadata

  1. Click the name of the document you attached metadata to. A window with a preview and more detailed information about the document opens.
  2. Select Attachments in the toolbar.

    All the attachments (documents and entries) of the document are displayed.

  3. Click the form title to open a modal with the form record values.
    • Click the Links button to see the links.
    • Click the Edit button to open the Edit record window, where you can edit all form record values.
  4. Click the button to remove an attached entry.