Reassign a project member to a task

You can reassign a project member to a task:

  1. Click Tasks in the toolbar.
  2. Click Open tasks in the tool menu to display your incomplete tasks.
  3. Click on a task to open a window that displays the details for that task.
  4. Depending on the task status, you can choose one or more assignees.
  5. Click Submit.
    A pop up window informs you that the actor is successfully set.
  6. Click Reassign task.
    The Reassign task window appears.
  7. Select the applicable user, or perform a search.
    Note: The reassignable user must have the same role membership as the assigned user.
  8. Click Reassign to transfer the tasks.
    A pop up window informs you that the task is successfully reassigned.
  9. Click the X icon to close the window.