Address book App

The address book holds contacts and organizations you are allowed to see. If you have the rights, you can manage the contacts and organizations in different address books within the project.

Address book views

In the top right corner you can switch views. The default view of an address book is the hybrid view.

Hybrid view

It shows the organizations (companies) together with the contacts. If a contact has no organization, it will appear under the "---" organization on the bottom of the list.

Company view

The company view gives you an overview of all the organizations within the address book.

Contact view

The contact view gives you an overview of all the contacts within the address book, sorted alphabetically.


All the actions in this App are above the App Content.

Add contact

When adding a new contact you can choose to import an existing contact from another address book you have access to or create a new contact.

Import contacts from another address book
  1. Fill in contact's name
  2. Select contact
  3. Add Contact
Create a new contact
  1. Fill in the contact details

    First name, last name and email are required fields

  2. Add contact
Add organization

When adding a new organization you can choose to import from another project or create a new organization.

Import organization from another project
  1. Select the project
  2. Select the organization
  3. Check the import organization members box if you wish to import the contacts of that organization as well
  4. Add organization
Create a new organization
  1. Fill in organization details or copy from an existing organization.

    Only the name of the organization is a required field

  2. Add organization

Add user
Administrators can select a contact and add the contact as a new user in the project.