Project-specific calendars allow participants to manage, track and lock all events.

Add event

When clicking on the current date or any future date in the calendar, a dialog will pop up to add the new event. You can also click the action menu Add event.

In the dialog you need to give in the:

  • Name of the event
  • Type of the event
  • Description to the event
Add an attachment to the event

You can add an attachment to the event by selecting a document on Bricsys 24/7 or uploading a new document from your local computer.

Choose a type of event

There are multiple types of events available:

  • Meeting (default)
  • Call
  • Public holiday
  • Task
  • Travel
  • Vacation
  • Birthday
Choose status of the event

Depending on the type of the event you chose, multiple statuses might become available:


  • Confirmed (default)
  • Tentative
  • Canceled


  • Assigned
  • Completed
  • Completed 75%
  • Completed 50%
  • Completed 25%
  • In progress
  • On hold
  • Open (default)
  • Postponed
Recurrent event

If you want an event to repeat itself, you can click the recurrent event icon and select the time to repeat in:

  • days
  • weeks
  • months
  • years

And select the date that the event should stop repeating itself.

Add attendees

Select the users that attend or are assigned to this event.

Add a reminder

You can select to send a reminder to users before the event starts.