Project Structure

The Structure app is a powerful document management tool. It shows all the folders and subfolders of the project you have access to.

This is the most important and most frequently used app on Bricsys 24/7.

Document & Binder folders

The Structure app is the only app that allows you to go through your project tree and view document and binder folders.

Project tree

The project tree shows the folder structure as set up by the administrators of the project.

Folder types

There are different folder types and each folder type has its own objects and related app in the app bar.

Folder Icon Folder Type Content Related App
Document folder Documents Structure App
Address book folder Contacts and organizations Address book App
Workflow folder Workflows Workflow App
Message folder Messages Message App
Calendar folder Events Calendar App
Form folder Forms Forms App
BIM folder Documents, BIM DWG and BIM IFC BIM App
Link folder URL-Links Links App
Forum folder Threads and posts Forum App
Binder folder All kinds Structure App
App Content

After selecting a folder, the app content will load the objects of the selected folder. Because there are different folder types in the project tree, the content will adapt to the selected folder type.

Column selector

At the end of the table headers there's a "..." icon that you can use to show or hide certain columns. When working with metadata, the extra metadata columns are displayed here as well.

Project info

The project information dialog gives you an overview of each folder and the possibility to download an Excel file with the documents in the entire project or selected folders.

Click the drop-down arrow on top of the folder structure and choose the option "Project Info" to open the project information dialog.