-ATTEXT command

Copies data from attributes to a text file through the Command line.

BricsCAD Lite; BricsCAD Pro; BricsCAD Mechanical; BricsCAD BIM

Alias: -AX

Note: The template .txt file must exist before this command is used. See the ATTEXT command for the format of this file.


There are two methods to use –ATTEXT command:

  • Select entities: the Attribute Extract Template File dialog box displays.
  • Extract as Dxf/Cdf/Sdf: the Attribute Extract Output File dialog box displays.


select Entities
Specifies the entities from which will extract attribute value.
Note: If you select blocks without attributes and non-block entities, BricsCAD ignores them. If you ignore this option by entering DXF, SDF, or CDF directly, then BricsCAD selects all attributes in the drawing.
extract attributes as Dxf
Exports the attribute values in a partial DXF format.
Note: This format is meant for use with other computer programs that can read .dxx files (DXf eXtraction).
extract attributes as Cdf
Exports the attributes with commas separating values.
Note: : This format is meant for use with spreadsheets and databases.
extract attributes as Sdf
Exports the attributes in fixed-width format.
Note: This format is meant for use in word processors.