Creates Civil Points via Command line.


Civil Points are defined in BricsCAD as Civil entities, which are represented by symbols and labels. In addition to XYZ coordinates, Civil Points can have a variety of attributes assigned, including point number, point name, raw (field) description and full (expanded) description.

Use the Properties panel to edit the properties of an individual point or a group of selected points.

For improved organization, Civil Points can be collected into point groups based on certain criteria determined by filters.

You can use the basic BricsCAD commands to edit Civil Points in a drawing. For example, COPY, COPYCLIP, PASTE, MOVE, ROTATE...

You can use Civil Points as input objects for creating a TIN Surface, which is automatically updated when editing points.


There are two methods to insert Civil Points:
  • Insert a single point by specifying its location in a drawing.
  • Import multiple points from an ASCII point file.
    Note: In addition to the basic ASCII file, points can also be imported from a LandXML file using the LANDXMLIMPORT command.

Options within the command

Specify point location
Allows you to specify the location of a new individual point in a drawing.
Enter point description
Allows you to specify a description for the Civil Point.
Enter point elevation
Allows you to specify an elevation for the Civil Point.
Import points from file
Creates Civil Points from an imported points file in text file format (.TXT), comma-delimited file format (.CSV), and other text formats where the XYZ coordinates in the input file are separated by any delimiter.
Enter file name
Allows you to specify the file path name.
Enter file format name
Allows you to specify the point file format.
set Style
Allows you to specify a point symbol style when inserting a new point.
Note: More information on point styles and labels can be found in the Working with Civil points article.
Lists the names of the available point symbol styles in the Command line.