-PLOT command

Plots drawings to printers and to files.

BricsCAD Lite; BricsCAD Pro; BricsCAD Mechanical; BricsCAD BIM


Plots drawings to printers and to files, via the Command line.

Note: This command is meant for scripts and routines.
Note: This command adds a watermark to print output obtained using an Academic license.


Choose whether to proceed a detailed plot configuration.


Detailed plot configuration?
Choose whether to change the plot configuration.
Prompts 16 options to configure the plot.
Prompts 6 options.
Enter a layout name or ?
Specifies the name of the layout to plot. Enter ? to list the layouts in the current drawing.
Enter an output device name or ?
Specifies the name of the output device (plotter or file). Enter ? to list the available plot devices.
Enter paper size or ?
Specifies the name of the paper size. Enter ? to list the available media sizes.
Enter paper units
Specifies the paper units: inches or millimeters.
Enter drawing orientation
Specifies the drawing orientation: portrait or landscape.
Plot upside down?
Plots the drawing upside down.
Note: This option is useful when paper with a drawing border is loaded backwards in the printer.
Enter plot area
Specifies which area of the drawing to plot.
Plots the area shown in the current viewport.
Plots the extents of the drawing, ensuring all non-frozen entities are plotted.
Plots the limits of the drawing, as defined by the LIMITS command.
Plots the current view, or a named view. See the VIEW command.
Plots a rectangular area defined by the user.
Enter plot scale
Specifies the plot scale factor.
Note: The Fit option calculates the scale factor automatically.
Enter plot offset
Specificare la distanza di offset per la stampa.
Note: Enter positive or negative distances to move the drawing in the x and/or y distances. Positive values move the drawing up and to the right and negative values move the drawing down and to the left.
Note: L'angolo inferiore sinistro del disegno viene spostato della distanza specificata. Ciò è utile quando la carta ha un'area del cartiglio che potrebbe interferire con il disegno.
Plot with plot styles?
Attiva o disattiva l'uso degli stili di stampa.
Note: Plot styles override lineweight settings.
Enter plot style table name
Specifies the plot style table to use, which assigns properties to "pens", colors, and entities.
Note: Enter ? to list the plot styles available in the drawing.
Plot with lineweights?
Attiva/disattiva l'uso dei spessorilinea.
Note: This option is unavailable when Plot with Plot Styles is turned on.
Mimics lineweights assigned to the drawing in the print.
Enter shade plot
Specifies the shade plot. Overrides the visual style of the current view when printing model space.
Note: This option is disabled when printing a paper space layout. The Shade Plot mode of a paper space viewport is defined in the Shade Plot property of the viewport. The quality of the Rendered option is defined through the current render preset. See the RENDERPRESETS command.
Write plot to a file?
Determines whether the plot is sent to a file. If Yes, displays the Create plot file dialog box.
Note: The plot is saved in a .plt file.
Save changes to layout?
Toggles saving the plot parameters to the model or layout tab.
Proceed with plot?
Toggles plotting of the drawing.
Enter a page setup name
Specifies the name of a page setup.