-STYLE command

Creates and modifies text styles.

BricsCAD Lite; BricsCAD Pro; BricsCAD Mechanical; BricsCAD BIM

Alias: FONT


Creates and modifies text styles that set the look of text, such as its font and height. It is meant for macros. Styles determine the look of text in single-line text, mtext, attributes, tables, and dimensions and leaders, but not in dimensional constraints.

Options within the command

Lists existing styles and some of their properties including style name, height, generation.
Text style to create or modify
Specifies the style name.
Font type
SHX - font files created for DWG-based programs like BricsCAD.
TTF - font files created for Windows and macOS, and can be used by BricsCAD.
Indicate the height of the text, measured from the baseline to the top of the ascenders.
Makes characters wider or narrower.
Obliquing angle
Slants text to the left for a negative number, to the right for a positive number and keep text upright for value 0.
Draw text backwards
Toggles backwards text.
Draw upside down draw
Toggles upside-down text.
Draw text vertically
Toggles vertical text. This option is available only with certain SHX font files and not at all with TTF font file.
An annotatively-scaled style adjusts its height in paper space automatically, according to the plot scale.
You can toggle the creation of an annotative text style, match the text orientation to layout.
When the text style is an annotative one, the text height property specifies the height in paper space, while the annotation scale sets the height in model space.