ATTOUT command (Express Tools)

Extracts block attribute information from the current drawing to an external TXT file.



Exports data from selected block attributes to a .txt file, which can be reviewed and modified later.


Opens the Enter file name for attribute output dialog box that allows you to save the information of the selected block attributes in an external .txt file.

  1. Room number 1

    Number of beds: 2

  2. Room number 2

    Number of beds: 3

  3. Room number 3

    Number of beds: 1

  4. Room number 4

The output of the ATTOUT command is a .txt file. The file contains information of the selected blocks ordered in a table. The HANDLE and BLOCKNAME column give the handle and block name of a block, the additional columns give the values of the block attributes. Each row represents a block reference and its values of the attributes.

Note: The string <> indicates that this attribute does not apply for this specific block.