BIMIFY command

Analyzes the model and runs automatic classification and spatial location assignment for the entire model.




Analyzes the model and runs an automatic classification and spatial location assignment for the entire model. Creates new buildings and/or stories and spaces if necessary. Optionally creates plan sections and elevations.

  • Section entities are converted to BimSection entities.
  • Simple block references can be classified.


Running BIMIFY command on the entire model will classify objects, assign spatial locations, detect spaces and create elevations and floor plan section planes in the model.

When the BIMIFY process is completed, an overview of the result is provided in the Command line.

This command opens the Bimify command panel.

Bimify command panel

The Bimify command panel allows you to analyze the model and run an automatic classification and a spatial location assignment for the entire model.

  1. Entities
  2. Options
  3. Feedback
Select entities in drawing
The BIMIFY command runs for the selected entities in the drawing.
Entire drawing
The BIMIFY command runs for all entities in the drawing.
Determines to what discipline the model belongs in order to improve the automatic classification.
Auto Detect
An AI algorithm determines the discipline automatically.
The model is classified as an architectural model.
The model is classified as a structural model.
The model is classified as a MEP model.
Mixed Model
The model cannot be assigned to 1 discipline and is perceived as a mixed model.
Defines the classification of solids and blocks.
Note: Also see the BIMCLASSIFY command.
Makes sure that 3D solids are classified as walls, slabs, etc.
Block References
Makes sure that blocks are classified as windows, doors, etc.
Assign structural/MEP Profiles

Assigns columns, beams, members or flow segments profiles that are available in the BIM Profiles panel.

Note: If no match can be found for a profile element in the standard library, the BIMIFY command creates a new custom profile in the project's library.
Assign spatial locations
Assigns spatial locations (buildings and floors). See the BIMATTACHSPATIALLOCATION command.
Create spaces
Detects external walls and sets the property Wall Common/is External to On and also detects spaces. See the BIMSPACE command.
Create sections
Creates BIM Section entities. See the BIMSECTION command.
Creates 4 elevations (Front, Back, Left and Right).
Floor Plans
Creates a plan section for each floor.
Keep panel open and show results

If toggled On, the panel will show the progress and results while calculating.

Note: This option is Off by default for consistency with previous versions.