Updates the result of a BIM section entity.




Generates or updates the result of a BIM section in a drawing.

Note: The GENERATEASSOCATTRS system variable controls the generation of associative data on 3D solids during modeling. When set to On, 3D solids contain associative data from the moment of creation. This allows BIMSECTIONUPDATE to produce drawings for which dimensions and tags can be automatically updated when the 3D model is modified.
Note: When GENERATEASSOCVIEWS system variable is ON, the BIMSECTIONUPDATE command will generate/update the section indicators, grid callouts and story callouts.

Tags are not automatically generated with the BIMSECTIONUPDATE command.

Story indicators, section indicators and grid callouts are generated in paper space and are essentially BIM tags.


There are two methods to use the BIMSECTIONUPDATE command:

  • Generate the result of a BIM section entity.

    Note: If the Interior option of the BIMSECTION command was used during the creation of the BIM section, BIM spaces can also be selected.
  • Update the result of a BIM section.

    Note: Select a BIM section entity in the Model Space or a viewport in the Paper Space layout.

After BIMSECTIONUPDATE, all BIM tags and annotations will have the new properties Associativity and Associative Coloring attached. When Associativity is Not Associated and Associative Coloring is On, the annotation will be visualized in red, but the native property color of the entity will not be changed.

You can add a background image to the BIM section result viewport by setting that viewport's (Beta) Generate background property to Raster image or Line drawing + Raster image before running the BIMSECTIONUPDATE command. For more information, see the article Generating drawings.