BIMSPACE command

Creates BIM Space entities from enclosed boundaries.




Creates BIM Space entities by picking a point inside an enclosed area defined by space bounding entities.

Note: Space bounding entities are 3D solids or linear 2D entities, which are classified as a BIM entity and having Space bounding property set to On. If the Centerline property of a space bounding solid is set to On, the center of the solid is used as the space boundary.

A label is created at the geometric center of space.

Note: The Space option of the BIMCLASSIFY command converts any 2D or 3D entity into a BIM Space entity.

The height of the space is defined by:

  • The top face of the highest bounding entity.
  • The Default Space Height user preference, when all bounding entities are 2D linear entities.

Options within the command

Launches the Edit mode, which allows to add or remove space bounding entities in a Space by clicking them.
Note: After editing, launch the BIMUPDATESPACE command to update the space.
Note: If the Update method property of the space is set to Manually, the space cannot be updated by the BIMUPDATESPACE command. This can be solved by setting this property to Automatic.
Note: The BIM Spaces properties can be edited in the Properties panel.
BIM Space Properties
Sets the visual representation of the BIM Space:
  • Footprint: Space stamp only.
  • Solid: Transparent 3D solid. The height of the solid is copied from the surrounding wall solids.
Specifies the status of the Space.
Note: If the space is out-of-date, an exclamation mark icon is displayed next to the space stamp. This can be solved with the BIMUPDATESPACE command.
Sets the name of the space, which is also visible on the space stamp.
Describes the space.
Specifies the building to which the space is assigned to.
Specifies the story to which the space is assigned to.
Assigns a new number to the space. By default the space is automatically numbered.
Interior Elevations
Controls the display of Interior Elevations. If interior elevations are not created yet, the property is disabled.
Entity property sets
Click the Browse button to open the Enable per-instance property set dialog box, then check the User namespace.
Note: Additional properties can be created using the BIMPROPERTIES command.
Note: Assigning a Space property to a building element overrides the element's Story and Building properties with those of the space.