Manages the exploded view steps.

BricsCAD Mechanical


Allows to create, delete, merge, copy, split and reorder exploded view steps as well as to save the current step and to change the current step.


Select an exploded view created with BMEXPLODE command and open it for edit (from MECHANICALBROWSER or with -BEDIT command).

Perform the necessary operations to get the desired exploded representation following the below options. Do not forget to save the current step.

Then, save changes using BCLOSE command with the option Save.


Add step
Adds a new step after the last one. The new step will be automatically set as current. All unsaved modifications of the exploded representation will be lost.
cOpy step
Copy an existing step. Step names are case sensitive.
merGe step with previous
Merges a step with the previous one and removes the previous step.
Move step
Moves a step up (-) or down (+) in the list.
Remove step
Removes a step as well as associated movements of parts. The positions of parts in the exploded representation will be updated accordingly.
reName step
Renames a step.
Save current state
Saves the current positions of parts in the current step.
set Current step
Sets the step as the current and updates the parts in the exploded representation according to this step.
sPlit step
Splits the step to a sequence of steps, each of them corresponding to exactly one part.
list steps (?)
Lists all steps.