BMUPDATE command

Reloads all referenced components from external files and updates BOM tables.

BricsCAD Pro; BricsCAD Mechanical; BricsCAD BIM


The command:

  • Reloads referenced components from external files (BmInsert).
  • Rebuilds component based features, sheet metal form features and BIM windows/doors components (see BC_SUBTRACT layer, Form Features, BmInsert).
  • Updates the Bill Of Material (BmBom).
  • Regenerates drawing views produced out of 3D model (ViewBase).
Note: If the BMAUTOUPDATE system variable is ON, external assembly components are reloaded on opening the file.

Options within the command

Defines the new placement face.
Note: Each inserted component-based feature or BIM Window component has an associated placement face of the correspondent 3D solid the feature is attached to. This is the face which will be used for feature placement in the BMINSERT command. The associated placement face of the feature can be lost in modeling or copying operations or it can be absent if the feature has been inserted in an empty area. The BMUPDATE command allows to re-associate the feature with its placement face.
The placement face for the feature is detected automatically.
Select a new placement face manually.
Entire model
Updates the entire model.