BREAKLINE command (Express Tools)

Creates a polyline with a breakline symbol.



Specify the first and the second point for the breakline, then specify the location for the breakline symbol.

You can customize the breakline symbol with these steps:
  1. Open a new drawing.

  2. Draw a symbol (1).

  3. Set the Defpoints layer current.

  4. Add two points (2) to the symbol, using the POINT command. The breakline will intersect the symbol in these points.

  5. Save this drawing in the ExpressTools folder. The default path is: C:\Program Files\Bricsys\BricsCAD V23 en_US\ExpressTools.

Options within the command


Specifies the block that is used as a breakline symbol.

Note: The default block is defined by the brkline.dwg.

Sets the size of the breakline symbol.

Note: The size of the breakline symbol determines the minimal length of the breakline.

Sets the extension length of the breakline when a break symbol is added.