DIMSPACE command

Adjusts the spacing between the lines of parallel linear/angular dimensions.


Allows you to equally adjust the spacing between the lines of parallel linear/angular dimensions that share a common vertex, starting from a base dimension.


There are two methods to adjust parallel linear/angular dimensions spacing:

  • equally space dimensions lines
  • line up a series of dimensions lines

After running the command, the following prompts display:

Select base dimension
Select the base dimension from which the other dimensions will be spaced.
Select dimensions to space
Select the dimensions to space equally/line up from the base dimension, then press Enter.
Enter value
Enter a spacing value.
Note: To line up the dimension lines, enter a spacing value of 0.

Options within the command

selection options (?)

Allows you to choose a selection method.

The spacing distance becomes twice the text height specified in the dimension style of the selected base dimension.