DMRADIUS3D command

Applies a radius constraint to circular 3d entities or subentities.

BricsCAD Pro; BricsCAD Mechanical; BricsCAD BIM



Applies a radius constraint to circular edges, cylindrical surfaces, spheres and tori by indicating the radius value or using geometry-driven.


Select a cylindrical or sphere surface or a circular edge and specify the radius value or keep the geometry-driven. In case of selecting a torus surface, you can constrain the rotation radius or/and the tube radius.

Press the TAB key to select obscured geometry.


Rotation radius
Specify the rotation radius to be constrained.
Tube radius
Specify the tube radius to be constrained.
Accept the current value and create a geometry-driven constraint.
Note: The constraint value displays when hovering over the 3D radius constraint widget.
Note: You can set upper and lower bounds in the Mechanical Browser panel, which are taken into account in dynamic operations, like DMMOVE and ROTATE3D.