DVIEW command

Changes the 3D viewpoint interactively and turns on perspective mode (short for "dynamic view").

BricsCAD Lite; BricsCAD Pro; BricsCAD Mechanical; BricsCAD BIM


Alias: DV

Note: The PERSPECTIVE system variable toggles the perspective property of a view.


Select entities or use DVIEWBLOCK that displays the below built-in 3d block .


rotate CAmera
Specifies the camera (eye) location.
rotate TArget
Specifies the target (look at) location.
Twist view
Sets the twist (view rotation about Z axis) angle.
Distance to target
Specifies the camera to target distance.
Note: This option turns on perspective mode.
x y z POints
Specifies the camera and target location.
Sets the clipping distances, which cut off the front and back parts of the model. The front and back clipping planes are positioning perpendicular to the imaginary line between the camera and target.
Note: The clipping planes can be set using the slider bar.
Front clipping
Sets the front clipping plane which obscures objects located between it and the camera.
frONt clipping on
Switch on front clipping at the current clipping distance.
front clipping OFf
Switch off front clipping.
front clipping at Eye
Sets the front clipping plane at the camera location.
Back clipping
Sets the back clipping plane which obscures objects behind it:
back clipping ON
Switch on back clipping at the current clipping distance
back clipping OFf
Switch off back clipping
clipping Off
Removes the clipping planes.
perspective Off
Turns off perspective mode. Use the Distance option to turn perspective mode on.
Removes hidden lines from the model.
Interactively pans around the drawing.
Zooms in and out interactively (enter a number to change the zoom level).