ELEV command

Changes the elevation and thickness of selected objects.

BricsCAD Lite; BricsCAD Pro; BricsCAD Mechanical; BricsCAD BIM



Changes the elevation (as measured from the x,y-plane in the z direction) and thickness (as measured from the elevation) of selected entities.

  1. Thickness
  2. Elevation
  3. x,y-plane

Options within the command

New current elevation
Specifies the elevation above or below the x,y-plane. For a negative elevation, a negative value can be entered.
Note: The elevation is reported on the status bar as the z coordinate.
New current thickness
Specifies the thickness. Enter a negative value for thickness that are drawn downwards.
Note: The thickness begins at the elevation.
Note: The thickness is the extrusion distance, in the z direction, of non-3D entities, such as: points, lines, polylines, arcs and circles. When thickness is not 0:
  • Points become vertical lines.
  • Lines and open polylines become vertical planes.
  • Arcs become curved surfaces.
  • Circles become open-ended cylinders.
  • Closed polylines become open-ended tubes.