Temporarily modifies the appearance of entities in 3D model space.




GRAPHICOVERRIDE is a 3D drawing customization feature that allows you to temporarily override the visual appearance of a specific selection of objects based on BIM properties.

The command opens the 3D Graphic Override command panel to allow you to define which entities in the 3D model space will be overridden and how their appearance should be modified.

  1. Filter
  2. Override
  3. Other entities
  4. Live
  5. Apply
  6. Clear
  7. Cancel
Allows you to define which entities in the 3D model space will be overridden by setting one or multiple criteria based on BIM properties, quantities, or custom properties. Filter rows can be added to filter by multiple parameter combinations. These rows are separated using the logical "OR" operation. The rows can be copied by clicking the copy symbol or deleted by clicking the delete symbol.
Allows you to define how the filtered entity will be visualized.
Allows you to select the color from the drop-down list with presets, or from the more extensive Select Color dialog box.
Sets a transparency level for the selected entities.
Draw edges
Tick the option to draw the edges for the filtered selection.
Hide entities
Tick the option to hide the filtered selection.
Other entities
Allows you to define how all other entities, that do not meet the filter criteria, will be shown in the drawing.
Shows all the other entities in the drawing as normal.
Hides all other entities that do not meet the filter criteria, which will visually isolate your selection.
All other entities will become transparent. This will also put a clear focus on your selection, but you will still be able to see the other building elements for a visual context.
By enabling the Live mode, every change you make to the settings is immediately applied to the model.
Applies the current settings to the 3D model of the opened document. This will overwrite any existing override on that model.
Clears any existing override of the current open document.
Closes the command panel keeping the override active on the 3D model.