Shows volumes and areas of interference between two sets of ACIS entities.

BricsCAD Pro; BricsCAD Mechanical; BricsCAD BIM


Alias: INF

Note: This command can be entered transparently ('interfere) during the commands.


Specifies the first (1) and the second (2) set of ACIS entities: choose one or more 3D solids and/or 2D regions.

You can respond with ALL to place all ACIS entities into a set and later use the Check first Set option to check them against each other. This avoids the need to create two sets of entities.

The entities in the first set are compared to the entities in the second set and results in an interference volume (3) or area which is created in a layer defined by the INTERFERELAYER system variable that is stored in the registry and has "Interferences" as an initial value.

Note: The Pro edition additionally shows volumes of interference between two sets of ACIS solids and then, optionally, creates new ACIS solids from the common portions of pairs of intersecting solids, placing them on layer "Interferences".

The interference solid(s) remain(s) in the drawing when the command ends.

Note: Entities which are on the layer that is set by the INTERFERELAYER system variable are not accepted when selecting entities, as it is considered the output layer only.
Note: When you select an interference entity in the model or in the Structure panel, the originating entities highlight along with the selected interference entity.


Nested selection
Selects ACIS entities inside blocks or xrefs.
Displays a dialog box:
  1. Create interference solids: when ticked, new solids are created from the interference area or volume.
  2. Layer: specifies the layer on which interference entities are created. Default = layer stored in INTERFERELAYER system variable. Do not select a layer of selected entities as it is considered the output layer only. It is recommended to select an empty layer or accept the default layer.
  3. Color: specifies the color of the interference entities; the color of the Interference layer is changed to match this color.
checK first set
Checks the interference of entities in the first set, when it contains two or more entities, and then creates interference entity(ies) of them.
Note: You can interrupt the command by pressing the CANCEL button.