Creates TIN surfaces or alignments from a LandXML file.

BricsCAD Pro; BricsCAD Mechanical; BricsCAD BIM



Opens the Open LandXML file dialog box to select an .xml file to import.

The following BricsCAD Civil entities can be imported from the specified LandXML file: Civil Points, Surfaces, Horizontal Alignments (both Alignments by PI and Alignments by Elements are supported), and 3D Alignments.

Options within the command

Draw Breaklines as Polylines
Specifies if breaklines are imported as polylines.
Note: This option is available when importing TIN surfaces with breaklines.
The units in the drawing are different than those in the XML file. What would you like to do:
This option is available if the units in the current drawing do not match the units in the input XML file.
Scales the XML file units.
Import without scaling
Imports the XML file without scaling.
Cancels the command.