MKSHAPE command (Express Tools)

Creates a shape definition based on selecting entities.



Opens the MKSHAPE - Select the Shape File to create dialog box that allows you save the shape definition.

To create the shape definition:

  1. Specify the shape name.
  2. Enter the resolution. The larger this value, the more accurate the representation of the selected geometry will be, but the more processing time will be needed.
    Note: The resolution value will be round off to a multiple of 8 and the maximum value equals 32,767.
    • 1. Original objects
    • 2. Shape resolution = 8
    • 3. Shape resolution = 48
    • 4. Shape resolution = 160
  3. Specify a base point for the shape.
  4. Select the entities you want to use and press enter. A shape will be created.
Note: The created shape can be inserted in your drawing using the SHAPE command.
Note: The created shape can be loaded in an other drawing using the LOAD command.