MPEDIT command (Express Tools)

Edits multiple polylines and converts lines and arcs into polylines.


The MPEDIT command is similar to the PEDIT command, but it has the ability to operate on multiple polylines at once.

Options within the command

Convert Lines and Arcs to polylines?
Allows you to decide if the selected lines and arcs are converted to polylines.
Opens closed polylines by removing the last segment drawn to close the polyline.
Closes the polyline by adding a segment between the start and endpoints.
Adds open entities to the selected polyline. A fuzzy distance has to be specified.
Note: This option works only with open and with cojoined entities. Cojoined means that the endpoints of entities meet, such as when drawn with ENDpoint object snap or with the Last point option. The joined entities take on the source polyline's properties, such as color, width, and layer.
Changes the width of all segments.
Note: This option overrides tapered widths.
Fits a curve to the polyline.
Note: To unfit the polyline, use the Decurve option.
Converts the polyline into a spline.
Note: All width information is lost. Use the Width option to reapply width. The spline is a Bezier-spline whose smoothing is defined by the SPLINETYPE system variable.
Reverses the effects of the Fit and Spline options.
Ltype gen
Determines how linetypes appear on polylines.
Linetypes start and stop at the polyline's start and endpoints.
Linetypes start and stop at each vertex.
Note: This option is stored in the PLINEGEN system variable.
Undoes the last action.