Import named views from a source drawing.

BricsCAD Lite; BricsCAD Pro; BricsCAD Mechanical; BricsCAD BIM


Places named views from a source drawing into a paper space layout of the current drawing.

Note: This command works only in paper space, and is meant for use with sheet sets.
Note: It is not allowed to place a named view in a layout of the source drawing.


There are two methods to place named views:

  • Command line: start the command by typing placeview in the Command line.
  • Mouse: drag a model view from the Content Browser panel onto a paper space layout.


Enter file name
Enter the file name from the source file from which the views will be imported.
Enter view name to place
Enter the name of the view you want to import.
Prints a list of the named views in the Prompt History window.
Enter view origin point
Specify the location of the lower left corner of the named view.