Creates reference geometry to automatically align a block during insertion.

BricsCAD Lite; BricsCAD Pro; BricsCAD Mechanical; BricsCAD BIM



The selected entities which you want to use as a reference to align the inserted block will be moved in a new created REFERENCE_CURVES layer (if it doesn’t already exist).

With reference curves ((1) and (2)) specified in a drawing or block definition, you can automatically align the block or drawing to relevant geometry when you insert it. The number of reference curves and the distance between them determines with which geometry it can align. As the cursor approaches relevant geometry, the block can automatically flip, offering multiple insertion options. Distances between the ends of the relevant geometry and block are displayed, enabling you to enter specific values if you wish. And, if the reference curves include gaps, relevant geometry is automatically trimmed to produce matching gaps.

You can also use reference curves to automatically align with corners. The following example includes a parallel reference curves (1) and a corner reference curve (2) enabling the door block to align with geometry that matches the parallel line and the perpendicular line.


Parametrizes the reference curves, so that the resulting parametric block can be inserted in a "fuzzy" mode. E.g. you can parametrize the four parallel reference curves in a simple door example. Then you can insert in a guided way the resulting parametric door block into walls with different thicknesses.
Creates reference curves without parametrizing.