Exports a sheet metal solid to an Open Sheet Metal (.osm) file format.

BricsCAD Mechanical



Reinterprets the supplied sheet metal model as an OSM part to be saved in an *.osm document.

The command is side-sensitive. It unfolds and scales the unfolded planes for each feature and then it connects these plane parts in accordance with the original model in the resulting *.osm document.

The .osm part is saved as mm- or inch-based, depending on the value of the document MEASUREMENT system variable. Document INSUNITS are considered for proper scaling.

The custom properties of all mechanical objects are imported into the OSM document and the OSM tags.

Note: You can set the accuracy of the approximation and the minimal edge length in the units of the document.

Options within the command

add Decorations
Exports non-sheet metal parts in the same .osm part.
add 2D entities
Exports 2D entities in the same .osm part.
set Layer
Specifies the layer where the 2d entities will be stored.