SMQUICK command

Suggests the optimal set of splits/junctions/bends for a shelled solid.

BricsCAD Pro; BricsCAD Mechanical; BricsCAD BIM



This command can be used on 3D Solids and on Sheet Metal solids.

If a 3D Solid is selected, this command can be used to:

  • Create shelled solids.
  • Create reliefs.
  • Convert hard edges into junctions and bends.

If a Sheet Metal Solid is selected, this command recognizes its features and creates reliefs, junctions, and bends.

Options within the command

Enter shell offset distance

Specifies a distance.

Note: If a positive distance is entered, the body shells outwards. If a negative distance is entered, the body shells inwards.
Note: If the shell offset distance is larger than 3D solid, the command fails.
Skips the creation of shelled solid and acts similar to SMCONVERT command.
Select optimization mode

Select a mode to optimize the model.

Off (1)
Creates bends for all hard edges.
Auto (2)
Creates bends, junctions and split.
Interactive (3)
Gives suggestions for bend, junctions and split using a widget interface. Choose to apply the suggested configuration or change the suggestions.