SMSELECT command

Selects all identical form features in the sheet metal model.

BricsCAD Mechanical



Selects hard edges, same form features, non-orthogonal thickness edges, flat edges, and the side of a sheet metal part.

Options within the command

Hard edges
Selects all hard edges in the model.
Same form features
Selects all form features identical to the selected feature.
SImilar form features
Selects all form features similar (the same type, but with different parameter values) to the selected feature.
Non-orthogonal thickness faces
Selects all edges of a specified flange common with non-orthogonal thickness faces.
SIDe of sheet metal part
Selects faces on the same side of a sheet metal part within a selected face.
Note: Requires flange, regular or lofted bend face to start.
Flat edges
Selects all flat edges on a specified solid.