SMTAB command

Creates tab features on sheet metal parts.

BricsCAD Mechanical



There are two main workflows:

  • Convert a junction into tabbed junction (in either Single tab or Array tab mode).
  • Convert a curved hard edge into a curved tabbed connection of a flange and a bend (or lofted bend).

Option within the command

Single tab
Creates a single tab.
Defines the length of the tab (1). The tab is placed symmetrically with respect to the center point.
Central point
Positions the tab along the junction. The dynamic dimension fields show the distance to the end points of the junction (2). Press the TAB key to switch between the dynamic fields.
Array tab
Creates multiple tabs.
Flip tab
Allows to toggle between two possible configurations when the tab feature is not symmetrical with respect to the junction sides.
slot Number
Defines the number of slots.
Defines the distance between the tabs.
Defines the length of a tab.
Round radius
Creates a filleted tab with a given fillet radius.
CHamfer distance
Creates a chamfered tab with a given chamfer parameter.