Add block to library dialog box

The Add block to library dialog box creates a block definition and adds it to the Library.

  1. Selection set
  2. Name
  3. Category
  4. Location
  5. Options
  6. Change current
  7. Insertion units
  8. Base point
  9. Create
  10. Cancel

Selection set

Specifies which entities are included in the block definition. You can select entities in the drawing or use the entire drawing.


Specifies the name of the block.


Specifies a category for the block. You can choose from a list of existing categories or enter a new category name.


Specifies the location where the block dwg will be saved. Available locations are controlled by the Library directory path setting (COMPONENTSPATH system variable).

Show/Hide Options

Shows or hides additional options. The available options depend on the selection set.

Change current

Specifies what happens to selected entities after the block is created. You can choose to retain the individual entities, convert them to a block insertion using the new definition, or delete them. This option is only available if you define the selection set by choosing to Select entities in drawing.

Insertion units

Specifies the units for the block insertion. You can choose from the following list of standard units:

  • Inches
  • Feet
  • Miles
  • Millimeters
  • Centimeters
  • Meters
  • Kilometers
  • Microinches
  • Mils
  • Yards
  • Angstroms
  • Microns
  • Decimeters
  • Dekameters
  • Hectometers
  • Gigameters
  • Astronomical Units
  • Light-years
  • Parsecs
  • US Survey Feet
  • Us Survey Inch
  • US Survey Yard
  • US Survey Mile
  • Base point

Specifies the base point for block definition. You can pick a point in the drawing or enter X,Y,Z coordinates. This option is only available if you define the selection set by choosing to select entities in drawing.


Creates a DWG file for the block definition in the specified location, adds the block to the library panel under the specified category and closes the dialog box.


Closes the dialog box without creating the block definition.