Delete duplicate entities dialog box

The Delete Duplicate Entities dialog box allows you to delete duplicate entities and overlapping lines, arcs, and polylines, and unifies partly overlapping or contiguous ones.

  1. Entity properties to ignore
  2. Comparison tolerance
  3. Options
  4. Duplicates

Entity properties to ignore

Ignores selected properties when comparing duplicate or overlapping entities.

Comparison tolerance

Sets the tolerance for the comparison process. If set to 0 (zero), entities must match completely before being evaluated in the overkill process.


Determines how special cases are handled.

Maintain associative entities
Associative entities are not processed.
Optimize segments within polylines

Evaluates segments of selected polylines individually, duplicate vertices and segments are removed.

  • Ignore polyline segment widths: ignores the Width property of overlapping polyline segments.
  • Don’t break polylines: polylines entities are kept intact.
Join collinear entities that partially overlap
Unifies partially overlapping entities into a single entity.
Join collinear entities when aligned end to end
Unifies collinear lines and polylines having coinciding endpoints into a single entity or segment.


Determines what to do with duplicates: either delete them or move them to a Duplicate Entities layer.