Drawing properties dialog box

The Drawing Properties dialog box allows you to see general information about the drawing and user-defined properties.

  1. General
  2. Summary
  3. Statistics
  4. Sheet Set
  5. Custom
  6. Command reference


Displays the general properties of the drawing, such as creation date and time.


Lets you define the summary properties of the drawing, such as subject and keywords. This data can be searched for by EDMS (engineering data management software) to find drawings in large collections.


Displays statistical information about the drawing, such as the creation and modification time.

Sheet Set

Displays sheet set data when the drawing is associated with a sheet set.


Displays the custom properties of the drawing. Click the Add button to add a new property or the Edit button to edit a property.

The Custom Property dialog box appears when clicking the Add and Edit buttons.

Command reference

Opens the Bricsys Help article about the DWGPROPS command.