Entity grouping dialog box

The Entity Grouping dialog box allows you to create, modify and delete named groups of entities.

  1. Existing groups
  2. Create Group
  3. Change Group

Existing groups

Lists all existing groups with the Group Name and a short description.

Display unnamed Groups
Toggles the displaying of unnamed groups.
Find Groups by entity
Reports the name(s) of groups in the Group Member List dialog box when entities in the drawing are selected.
Highlight selected Groups
Highlights all entities that belong to the selected group.
Un-group selected Groups
Removes the group status from selected entities.

Create Group

Specifies the name of a group.
Toggles whether the group has a specific name.
Adds an optional description of the group.
Determines how groups are selected when the PICKSTYLE system variable is set to 1 or 3.
Select entities and create group
Selects entities in the workspace which should be part of the group by pressing the right side cross button.

Change Group

Add entities to group
Adds entities to the selected group.
Remove entities from group
Removes entities from the selected group.
Re-Order entities
Changes the order of entities in groups through the Order Group dialog box.
  1. Group Name
  2. Description
  3. Options
Group Name
Lists the names of named and unnamed groups.
Displays the description of the selected group.
Specifies several options
Remove from position
Specifies the position number of the entity to be reordered.
Enter new position number for the entity
Specifies the new position number for the group.
Number of entities
Specifies the range of entities to reorder.
Applies the reordering dictated by the previous three fields.
Highlights entities in the group one by one by pressing the Next and Previous button from the Object Grouping dialog box.
Pressing OK button returns to the Order Group dialog box.
Reverse Order
Reverses the order of entities in the group.