Formula column dialog box

The Formula column dialog box allows you to configure the title, unit and expression for the formula column. It also displays a preview of the formula results.

  1. Category selector
  2. Column reference
  3. Refresh
  4. Title
  5. Unit
  6. Expression
  7. Preview

Category selector

Lists all categories of columns.

Column reference

Displays the available columns to use.

Refresh ()

Refreshes the preview.


Displays the name of the new column.


Lists all measurements and units.


Displays the template expression.

Function ( )
Inserts the selected function at the cursor position.
Variable ( )
Inserts the selected variable at the cursor position.
Configure variable ( )
Allows you to configure the selected variable.

In formula expressions, the syntax was extended to allow you to set target unit for variables, if the variable supports a unit conversion. It allows to write unit-dependent formula (such as density computation) without bothering about the initial unit of the variable.

If a formula unit is known to BricsCAD®, then unit conversions will be supported for formula values.

The default unit mode for formula columns is set to be user units.

Note: The Expression field supports autocomplete.


Displays a preview of the formula results.