Insert Block in Cell dialog box

The Insert Block in Cell dialog box allows you to insert blocks into the cell of a table in the current drawing. You can also insert DWG and DXF files as blocks.

Note: You can have both text and blocks in a single cell.
Note: If the block contains attributes, then you are prompted to enter values for the attributes in the Command line or through the Edit Attributes dialog box, depending on the value of the ATTDIA (attribute dialog) variable.
  1. Name
  2. Browse
  3. Path
  4. Preview
  5. Properties
  6. Cell alignment


Specifies the name of the block, whose definition exists in the drawing. It can also be a DWG or DXF file on the computer or network.


Selects a DWG or DXF file from your computer or network. Opens the Open drawing file dialog box.

Note: Placing a large drawing in a small cell can lead to program instability.


Displays the path to the block, if the block was opened from a DWG or DXF file.


Displays a preview of the selected block definition.

Note: When the cell is small, the block or drawing may be barely perceptible. You can increase the size of the row or column to accommodate the blocks. A cell can hold text and one or more blocks. When a 3D model is pasted into the cell, the 2D plan view is displayed.


Defines additional properties of the selected block.


Specifies the scaling value of the block:

  • Values larger than 1 enlarge the block.
  • 1 inserts the block at actual size.
  • Values smaller than 1 make the block smaller.
  • Values less than zero flip the block, like mirroring it.
Note: This option is unavailable when AutoScale is turned on.

Sizes the block to fit the cell:

  • On: the block is resized to fit the cell.
  • Off: the cell is resized to fit the block.

Rotates the block around its center point (and not its insertion point). Enter an angle:

  • Positive numbers rotate the block counter clockwise.
  • 0 - does not rotate the block.
  • Negative numbers rotate the block clockwise.
Note: The specified rotation angle depends on the AUNITS system variable.

Cell alignment

Aligns the block in the cell.