Parametric Block Assist dialog box

The Parametric Block Assist dialog box allows you to select the ® Dynamic Blocks in the current drawing to be converted to BricsCAD® Parametric Blocks.

  1. List of blocks
  2. Preview
  3. Details for
  4. Output options
  5. Block name suffix

List of blocks

All ® Dynamic blocks that are present in the current drawing are listed here. Individually check the blocks you want to convert to BricsCAD® Parametric Blocks or check all by ticking the Select all option.


Displays a preview of the currently selected block in the list.

Details for

Displays information on whether the selected block can be converted or not. If the block cannot be converted, the functionalities that are not supported are listed.

Some blocks can be converted with partial loss of information. In this case warning messages are shown in the details section.

Output options

Convert blocks to this file
Converts the dynamic blocks into the parametric blocks inside the current file.
Replace block references
If checked, all references to the selected dynamic blocks will be replaced with references to parametric blocks. All parameter values will be preserved.
Note: This option is only available if the Export blocks to individual files in folder option is not checked.
Export blocks to individual files in folder

Check this box to export the converted blocks to the specified folder. Exporting blocks to the default C:\ProgramData\Bricsys\Components folder will make blocks accessible through the Components panel.

Block name suffix

Allows you to modify the default block name suffix. The last used name for suffix is remembered.