Point Cloud Reference Manager dialog box

The Point Cloud Reference Manager dialog box allows you to attach and delete point cloud files that have already been processed and that are stored in the cache into the current drawing.

  1. Process a new scan
  2. Name
  3. Path
  4. Size
  5. Type
  6. Status
  7. Action area
  8. Total cache used
  9. Current free space
  10. Cache folder settings

Process a new scan

Attaches a point cloud file by launching the POINTCLOUDATTACH command.


Displays the point cloud file name.

Note: The point cloud cache name is a user specified name for the preprocessed point cloud. It's the default point cloud name if you do not specify a point cloud name for insertion.


Displays the point cloud file location.


Displays the point cloud file size in MB.


Displays to which type the inserted file has been preprocessed. If the POINTCLOUDHSPC system variable is ON, the file is inserted as an HSPC type.


Displays the point cloud file status:

  • In progress bar: the file is in pre-processing.
  • Ready: available for Insert or Delete.
  • Inserted: the file is inserted in the current drawing.

Action area

Allows you to interrupt the preprocessing of the file. Once the point cloud file is preprocessed and ready to use, the Cancel button disappears.
Opens the Attach Point Cloud dialog box and attaches the point cloud file in the current drawing.
Note: Multiple insertions can have the same or a different point cloud name.
Removes the point cloud file from the cache.
Note: It also removes all the insertions (if any) of that point cloud in the current drawing.

Total cache used

Specifies the total amount of the used cache.

Current free space

Displays the total amount of available cache.

Cache folder settings

Opens the Settings dialog box to set the POINTCLOUDCACHEFOLDER system variable value that specifies the folder(s) where point cloud cache files are stored.