Symbol Style dialog box

  1. Info
  2. Symbol
  3. Display


Specifies general information of the selected symbol style.

  1. Name
  2. Description
  3. Details
Specifies the name of the symbol style.
Specifies a description of the symbol style.
Specifies details of the selected symbol style such as the last saving time and who it saved.


The Symbol tab allows you to set the symbol style.

  1. Create symbol from
  2. Setting
  3. Preview
Create symbol from
Specifies which symbol type is used to create the Symbol style from. You can select several options from the drop-down menu.
  • Point object
    Uses a point object as basis for the Symbol style.
  • Custom symbol
    Allows you to create a symbol style starting from one of the custom symbols below:
    • None
    • Dot
    • Plus
    • X Mark
    • Line
    Two additional options can either be toggled on or off:
    Circle frame
    Adds a circle frame to the symbol style.
    Square frame
    Adds a square frame to the symbol style.
  • Block
    Allows you to create a symbol style starting from one of the blocks present in the drawing.
Allows you to specify specific characteristics depending on the selected symbol in the Create symbol fromsection:
  • Symbol size type
  • Size
  • Symbol Rotation
  • Symbol Orientation
Note: The options Symbol Size type and Size are not available when starting from a Point object.
Displays a preview of the specified symbol style.


Allows you to specify the display of all symbol components.

  1. View direction
  2. Component type characteristics
View direction
Specifies for which view direction the display characteristics are modified. Two options are available:
  • Plan
  • Model
Component type characteristics
Specifies the display characteristics of the symbol component.
Specifies the color of the component type.
Specifies the layer of the component type.
Specifies the linetype of the component type.
Linetype Scale
Specifies the linetype scale of the component type.
Specifies the lineweight of the component type.