Weld Symbol dialog box

The Weld Symbol dialog box allows you to create specified weld symbols. It can be accessed using the AMWELDSYM command. The dialog box contains 2 main tabs:

  1. Symbol
  2. Leader and text


Specifies the weld symbol characteristics.

1. Flip symbol
Specifies whether the symbol is aligned to the right or left.
  • Not ticked: aligned to the right.
  • Ticked: aligned to the left.
2. Field weld
Toggle the visibility of the Field weld symbol in the welding symbol.
3. All Around
Toggles the visibility of the All Around symbol in the welding symbol.
4. Depth
Defines the groove depth of the weld.
5. Size
Defines the size of the weld.
6. Contour
Defines the shape of the weld from the below list:
  • Concave Contour
  • Convex Contour
  • Flat/Flush Contour
  • Flush Finished Contour
  • Toes Shall Be Blended Smoothly
  • None
7. Weld type
Defines the weld type from the below options:
  • Resistance spot (projection weld in system A)
  • Fusion seam
  • Resistance seam
  • Backing Run; Back or Backing Weld / USA
  • Flanged butt/corner
  • Square butt
  • V Butt
  • Bevel butt
  • U Butt
  • J Butt
  • Edge
  • Fold Joint
  • Inclined Joint
  • Surface Joint
  • Steep flanked V butt
  • Steep flanked bevel butt
  • V butt with broad root face
  • Bevel butt with broad root face
8. Number
Defines the number of welds.
9. Length
Defines the length of the weld.
10. Closed note tail
Displays a closed state of the note tail.

Leader and text

Specifies the Leader and text characteristics.

1. Arrowhead
Defines the default arrowhead type for welding symbols.
2. Object attachment
Defines if the symbol leader is attached or detached to the object.
Attaches the symbol to the selected object.
Detaches the symbol from the object.
3. Text justification
Specifies whether the symbol text is aligned to the right, center or left.